DIET (sort of)

I hate the word “diet” … and to be clear, I don’t hate many things. Well, except maybe leopard seals. I mean I know they serve a purpose but they scare me. Like really, really scare me.

Anyway, the word “diet” makes a lot of people think about dieting, and quite frankly, I believe “diet” is more of a way of life, than a temporary fix. Alas, I named this page “diet” because I was going to chronicle my temporary fix … a three-day juice cleanse.

I’ve tried cleanses before … spent way too much $$ thinking a pre-made, delivered-to-my-front-door cleanse would be a great way to get my body (and mind) back on track. Although to be fair, I should note, that in all honesty I’m not one to over indulge during the holidays, or vacations … but when a physical injury limits my mobility and I cannot run like I’m used to, well, I get out of sorts and tend to eat too much, drink too much, and wallow in my semi-depressed state. Waaahhhhh!! (Oh. Look, I just proved I’m human!)

Anyhoo, I’m a runner. Like a 7-minute mile, seven miles a day, every single day, kind of runner. But I’m injured. I mean it was bound to happen. I’m in my (gulp!) forties and have been pounding the pavement for eons. And so … my knees are pissed. Like really pissed. After a few years of steroid injections and toting Advil around, I finally opted for surgery. And now my left knee is cleaned up, the bits and pieces of rubbed-off patella are gone and my torn meniscus is smooth. Alas, I’m 4-weeks post opp (well, I was when I wrote this) and my knee still looks like a foreign object. It’s huge. And it’s gross. And it’s soooooo stiff that I haven’t been able to do shit, which means I’ve been wallowing in my semi-depressed state and have gained twenty pounds. I hate my life. Ugh. (Oh. Look, I proved myself human twice in this little bout of self-wallowing.)

Alas, I’m determined not to drown in self pity and do what I can, even if I can’t run. So next week, it’s back to yoga and a juice cleanse to sort of jump start my attitude back into … I dunno … just back, I guess. If that makes sense. So here we go … stay tuned. I’ll chronicle my journey here, on this page. Rah, rah, sis boom bah, watch me go!

: :

OK. OK. So here’s the update … I did the juice cleanse. But I failed to write about it. And I re-injured my knee (God being human sucks!). Still, I’m going to keep this little “Diet” page here because it seems like the thing to do … I mean find me a website that doesn’t have a diet page somewhere?! And maybe, just maybe I’ll surprise myself and the rest of you mortals and write more here … with, or more likely without, any details on my juice cleanse. And no, I’m not going to post any workout pictures or start dishing out fitness advice either … there’s enough of that bullshit going around already 😉 wink, wink.