I’m a nationally-recognized food and travel journalist who’s scoured the U.S. in search of fabulous plant-based meals, eco-friendly stays, and much, much more. A contributing writer and editor to the USA Today Network, Edible Communities, U.S. News & World Report, MapQuest Travel (formerly) and many regional and local publications, I am passionate about responsible agriculture and sustainable seafood, the emerging plant-forward push, the health of our oceans, and just about anything that promotes simple, conscious living.

Over the years I’ve covered a wide array of topics from major sporting events to international conventions to topics as diverse as gun control, childhood nutrition, prison ministry, heart disease, and much more. And though the majority of my writing is focused on the food and travel industries, I am open to just about any topic other than softball and cats. Sorry. Just not my thing.

A journalist by trade, I studied plant-based nutrition through Cornell University which prompted me to launch a blog, Gastro-Licious, last year (2020)—that and a little extra time on my hands thanks to COVID—where I highlight favorite recipes, eateries, products, destinations and more: a sampling of my latest posts taken from Instagram are below. I’m also a retired runner—injuries and years of over training finally forced me to hang up my running shoes—a sometimes health fanatic, wannabe yogi and every now and then get accused of being just a wee bit sarcastic. Visit my portfolio to read some of my more recent published articles, and or head over to my blog, to get a feel for my voice. Want to work with me? Have a project to discuss or product to promote? I’d love to hear from you! I am always interested in working with like-minded individuals and organizations. Send me a note, Press@ShaunaNosler.com.

Thanks for reading.