Hey there. I’m Shauna, a writer and editor hailing from the West Coast now living out my mortal days in the landlocked state of Indiana. A contributing author and editor to many publications and organizations—the Indianapolis Star, the national news group U.S. News & World Report, MapQuest Travel, United States Track & Field, Indianapolis Monthly Magazine, Edible Indy, United Health Care and more—I’m a non-niche journalist who’s strengths lie in writing compelling stories that spark a reader’s interest to learn more.

Though I’ve covered a wide array of topics over the years, I’m passionate about seafood, sustainable fishing, and the health of our oceans—and I write about all of it on my blog, Seafood Is The New Black. My coverage of the sustainable seafood movement has brought many accolades including a television appearance during National Seafood Month and speaking engagements on behalf of the Seafood Nutrition Partnership and The American Heart Association and in 2017, an article I co-authored was a James Beard award nominee finalist for the Best Social Issue article.

I’m also an avid runner, sometimes health fanatic, wannabe yogi and every now and then get accused of being just a wee bit sarcastic … and all of these things, I write about on my other blog, The Flavored Word. Forewarning, if you visit The Flavored Word and read a not-so-flattering post that sounds like it might have been written about you, it probably was. What can I say … sometimes the truth hurts, wink, wink.

Want to work with me? Sweet. I’m fun. And I’m good at what I do, so drop me a line and let’s chat | Press@ShaunaNosler.com